10 Year Old's Portrait


June 15, 2016

My baby girl is turning 10. Geez that was fast. She was entered in a little pageant and we were on our way to get her there. Knowing the Momma was going to want a portrait of her for her 10th birthday, and a portrait of her in her dress from the pageant, I thought…

Portrait McAllen


May 24, 2016

She’s one of my daughter’s best friend. Her family is one of the families we love to hang around with. When the momma called and asked if I would take some 1st Communion portraits for her I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Then when she told me what she had in mind I was chomping…

Louisiana State Capitol Building

Top 10 Destinations

May 5, 2015

Skyscrapers fascinate me.  I  love to look up as high as I can see and marvel at what man has created. It’s interesting to me and I am curious. What does the building look like at the top? What’s the view like? How can I get up there? Every time I look at them I marvel. It’s amazing…



May 1, 2015

The rule of thumb when shooting kids is you get 1 minute of cooperation for each year of life of the child. So if a kid is 6 years old, you get 6 minutes. Anything after that is cake. What happens when you have a kid who doesn’t follow the rule and simply decides he…

Abandoned Gas Station

Abandoned Gas Station

April 20, 2014

I recently celebrated my 45th birthday. Last night my parents took me to dinner, partly as a gift and partly because my wife and kids were out of town. After a lovely dinner I set off to take some photos of around the city of McAllen. I headed out to take pics of whatever I…


April 13, 2014

JoAnna is a friend of mine. A truly beautiful friend both inside and out. She’s funny and always a joy to talk to. I was lucky enough to make some portraits of her not too long ago that I can begin publishing now. I think I will start with some close ups of her and…

It’s Been Awhile

March 1, 2014

Wow! February is almost done. 2014 is flying by. I realize I have not been posting a whole lot of work lately. Going to try and do a better job of updating this site. Here are some portraits I shot last November of my Sister-in-Law and her family. Kept the session simple and relaxed.

Smith Children Portrait

Martha & Jeremy

December 19, 2013

Martha & Jeremy are friends of ours. By ours I mean the Lovely & Gracious Liza and I. I photographed their wedding back in the days when I did wedding photography, and each year they bring their kids over to meet with Santa and have their photos done with him. I recently photographed Martha and…

PSJA North Basketball

It’s Basketball Season in the Rio Grande Valley

November 17, 2013

Shot the PSJA North Raiders basketball game the other night. They were playing the Rattlers, and quite honestly I don’t know if it was the Sharyland Rattlers or the Rio Grande City Rattlers who they played, but to me it didn’t matter, I was just happy to be shooting a game. It was my first…

Piano Recital

November 4, 2013

My daughters, The Little Girls, had their first piano recital today (11/03/13) and to commemorate it, I created a formal portrait of each of them. The girls were dressed a bit fancier than usual so I decided this more traditional style of portrait would be the perfect image. A simple two light setup, and a…